Our story

In March 2009, MAMA’s CEO Mark Fraser and General Manager Paul Singer visited the Sishemo Education Trust Primary School in Lusaka, Zambia. Both Mark and Paul were powerfully moved by what they saw, experienced and learnt.

We saw tremendous adversity and great challenges, we witnessed great courage and optimism, and we learnt that each of us has a responsibility and obligation to do what we can to make a difference”.

Mark and Paul had difficulty reconciling what they saw at Sishemo. They were compelled to act – to pool their resources and engage their network of friends, families and colleagues to ‘make a mark’ and help empower impoverished children through improved access to education.

That night, in a Lusaka hotel, inspired by the children of Sishemo and driven by an enthusiasm and commitment to lend a hand to children in need, saw the beginning of Make A Mark Australia – ‘MAMA’.

We have all thought at various times about doing more to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to know how. This is where MAMA, through its targeted grass-roots funding model, provides an avenue for us to empower children through improved access to education and economic independence. When you look deeply into the eyes of child with hope, you can see a world full of dreams – a better world.

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