Dick Smith Shelter, Panjshir Valley Afghanistan

DICK SMITHFollowing the success of Project 2 in Kabul, MAMA entered discussions with Mahboba’s Promise and the Australian entrepreneur Mr Dick Smith AO to build a orphanage and library in Onaba, in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan.

Orphans are particularly at risk in Afghanistan and there are very few support services for them, especially in rural areas which are particularly susceptible to drought and natural disaster. Mahboba’s Promise identified many orphan boys and girls in the Onaba district who live precariously, without access to education and suffer abuse.

In addition, many poor children who are not orphaned have missed the opportunity for education and work in the home or in the fields.

MAMA’s response

MAMA partnered with Mahboba’s Promise, to build a Resource Centre in the shelter which will:

        • give residential care to orphans who have no supportive extended family or guardians;
        • offer day care support for disadvantaged children in the community;
        • supply nutritional support to orphans and disadvantaged children;
        • assess the children and plan how to successfully engage them in the local
        • government school by providing the required educational and physical support;
        • provide informal schooling support, this can be help with school work, additional lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic, supporting the child in the early years of school to accelerate learning and develop self confidence; and
        • provide opportunities for sport, fun and sharing, building self-esteem and team work.

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