The MAMA Team

Mark Fraser AO CVO
Chief Executive Officer


Mark believes that we owe it to one another to do want we can to make the world a better place. We all share life’s journey and our futures are intertwined. And when we are no longer here, it will be important to know we have truly lived and have made a mark.

Mark comes to MAMA after 15 years as a diplomat, serving overseas and specialising in major event and crisis management. He brings a focus on governance, and a drive and energy to empower futures through education one child at a time.

Paul Singer MVO
General Manager

jjm_5462Paul joins the MAMA team with a passion for the education and empowerment of children. He recognises and values their potential, and enjoys working with individuals and communities to further enhance their developmental capacity.

As a senior public servant and after an earlier career as a Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, including several operational deployments to the Middle East, Paul’s expertise in strategic planning, innovation and project management are key attributes within the MAMA Management Committee.

Peter Lang

John Fraser

John FraserJohn has been involved with MAMA since its inception and has travelled to many of the project sites overseas. John is motivated by the thought that MAMA is providing opportunities to tens of thousands of kids to learn, grow and reach their potential.  




Megan Searson-Patrick

Megan brings to MAMA a commitment to education and an appreciation of the power it has to change the lives of children across the world. She is an experienced primary school teacher with a passion for literacy and learning in the early years.

Megan brings knowledge of education and an understanding of the importance of engaging children through relevant learning experiences. Megan has creative ideas, first-hand experience and enthusiasm, complemented by her desire to make a positive difference.

Leigh Southwell

Leigh has been teaching in secondary schools since 2004 and has always been passionate about supporting marginalised students. She has led immersion experiences to India on several occasions and consistently encourages all of her students to be aware of their position in a global context and ways in which they can positively contribute to developing communities.

While living in the Solomon Islands in 2014/15, Leigh project managed the Mercy School MAMA project and saw first-hand the way in which education can empower children and change their lives and the lives of people in their family and their community.