Our vision is a world where every child has access to education and the power to grow, develop and excel. Our mission is to empower children in impoverished communities to achieve their full potential through improved access to education and economic independence.

In accordance with its mission, MAMA focuses on providing impoverished children in underdeveloped communities access to reliable schooling and education.

MAMA believes in not only educating the individual, but importantly, also assisting the community in fostering a supportive environment for all children to grow, develop and excel.

MAMA’s Management Committee manages a strategic approach to the allocation of funds for projects that:

  • Respond to clearly identified deficiencies or inadequacies in a child’s learning environment;
  • Benefit communities and individuals at the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum that have limited access to appropriate educational and developmental resources; and
  • Result in positive change and opportunity in the lives of recipients.

Decisions taken by the Management Committee are governed by MAMA’s Rules of Operation.

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