Hope House, Kabul

HOPE HOUSEIn June 2011, MAMA met with the Founder of Mahboba’s Promise, Ms Mahboba Rawi OAM to discuss the possibility of building a Resource Centre at Hope House in Dashat Chamtala, approximately 30 minutes from Kabul.

Hope House provides much needed safe accommodation for children rescued from refugee tent cities, the war torn streets of Afghanistan, and children who have been injured by land mines. Hope House can accommodate 100 orphans and widows and also serves as a facility for education, training and a crisis counselling centre.

The acquisition of good education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and there are many challenges.  Only 50% of Afghani children have access to school. For those that do, inadequate educational materials, textbooks and teachers, and the worsening security situation compound the biggest deterrent to enrollment which is financial.

The development of a library in Hope House in Kabul represents a step forward in the educational resources available to children, widows and the community. No other library in the area exists that allows free access.

MAMA’s response

Recognising that education is one of the most basic human rights and central to long term development, MAMA worked with Mahboba’s Promise to build our second MAMA Resource Centre.

Redevelopment of an existing building commenced in September 2011 and was officially opened on 28 November 2011.

The MAMA Resource Centre has delivered the following outcomes:

  • a functional library equipped with shelving, tables, chairs, carpets, and computers;
  • educational materials available for loan; primary education, vocational education and human rights education;
  • girls and women in particular are encouraged to attend the library;
  • a qualified Librarian operates the loan of books and materials;
  • promotion of the library resource to the children in the local community, as well as adults seeking further vocational education materials; and
  • the library has become a learning centre for the community and a focal point for out of school supplementary education.

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