Exciting progress in the remote village of Tholana!

We love hearing updates from our projects and it’s fantastic to see the MAMA Kindergarten in the remote Solomon Islands village of Tholana take shape!

In early 2020, the community approached MAMA to seek assistance to build a new safe and secure kindergarten in the village.

Notwithstanding the challenges and restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the local community remained committed to building a new education centre for the benefit of not only the local children, but also for others within village wanting to access literacy and numeracy programs.

The building materials were purchased in Honiara by MAMA and shipped by barge to Isabel Province in August. In a remarkable effort, members of the village moved the items from the port to Tholana and immediately commenced the demolition of the old building. The walls and foundations of the old classroom were infested with honey bees.

Construction of the new buildings commenced in September. The story of the project has resonated not only in Tholana, but also in neighboring villages as excitement around the new centre grows.

The children can’t wait to move into their new classrooms!

3 responses to “Exciting progress in the remote village of Tholana!

  1. Getting into such rural isolated area is a big success and achievement for a donor and partner. MAMA has been taking its true mark up into the hilltop of this rural community. It was a challenging journey but the project managed to move on. Thanks to the determination of the village people and also the trust and confidence given to them by MAMA. Very soon this new modern classroom will come into completion, giving the children in that village and surrounding areas another chance to have better access to education, and also those who wish to access literacy programs in the community. Thank you very much MAMA for this great support.

  2. The MAMA assistance is greatly felt by the community and will be treasured as a life time gift by our children today and their children’s children tomorrow, Thank you MAMA for addressing the needs of our children’s education and also for the great support towards the modern kindergarten building. So much to say thank you, MAMA.

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