Tholana Kindergarten, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

The Tholana Kindergarten is located on the hilltop village of Tholana, in Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands.

The centre has provided early childhood education for children from 3-6 years old, before they go to a primary school in a neighboring village. The condition of the kindergarten is quite poor. It is in a remote rural area and there is no electricity, no communication network or internet and no surrounding infrastructure. There is no suitable toilet block for the children or teachers. Notwithstanding some of these challenges, the children still turn up each day with a great enthusiasm for their education.

The aspiration of the community is for the kindergarten centre to become a model to drive creativity and innovation. Most of the families live in traditional leaf houses, and there is a desire for this centre to become a community hub which is safe, secure and promotes a love of learning.

The classroom was in need of desperate repair.
The kindergarten did not have a suitable toilet block for children or teachers.

MAMA’s response

In early 2020, MAMA was approached by a representative of the community to seek assistance in building a new centre.

MAMA will work with the community to build a new toilet block and classroom. All materials and labour will be sourced locally to assist with generating income and employment opportunities.

To promote the importance and value of literacy for the entire community, the centre will, in addition to kindergarten activities, provide literacy and numeracy programs to village members.

“Young girls and boys will learn alongside each other in the kindergarten. They will understand the importance of education and acknowledge the significance of gender equality and its role in human empowerment and society building.”

The project will provide a learning environment which will allow all children to receive a quality education and empower them to achieve their full potential.