1st Anniversary of the MAMA Resource Centre in Lusaka

On Friday 15 June 2012, Sishemo held a commemorative event to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the MAMA Resource centre. The children at Sishemo were reminded again of the colourful ceremony that was attended by the MAMA team and the then Minister of Education, the Honourable Dora Siliya.

One year anniversary of the Resource Centre

It’s a year ago when the MAMA team went beyond itself and touched lives of children here in Zambia. You gave them hope to face tomorrow and now, they can stand proud of the fact that they are able to read because of this generous donation. Our hearts are ever so so grateful.” Mwenzi Sichilongo, Sishemo Education Trust

One year anniversary

The students also reflected on the opening of the MAMA Resource Centre, and how it has helped to empower them.

Deborah NakazweAs we celebrate the Launch of the resource centre today, my mind just goes back to the time we used to share books and use the corner of our classrooms as the library. It gives such great happiness today that I can sit comfortably in the library and not having to share my book with my friend because we have enough books. I can only say THANK YOU MAMA!” Deborah Nakazwe, Sishemo student

Nawa MuyundaWhat I remember the most about the MAMA launch was the fun we had with Mark, Paul, Maylin and John at the Munda Wanga Zoo. The games we played, the songs we sang and the bus ride to and from was a memorable experience for me!!!” Nawa Muyunda, Sishemo student

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