Remember Sunday Mwansa? He continues to inspire us and remind us all of the power of learning….

I was walking past, selling bananas with my friend when something led me to Sishemo. Little did I know that right there was something that would change my destiny and my whole course of life. My routine would be to rise up early in the morning, put a basket on my head and move for miles on end to sell bananas so as to help my mother raise money to take care of us.

Most of my peers were in school and that would make my heart bleed because I had a deep desire to get educated. However, I had to choose between sleeping hungry and helping my poor mother raise money for school. Moreover, she would have to buy uniforms and other school requirements if I were to start school.In 2002, I enrolled myself at Sishemo Education Trust School. At least, I would have no worries of raising money for school because the Foundation provides free education, uniforms and all learning requirements.”

Sunday successfully passed his grade 7 and grade 9 exams and did extremely well. Sunday is now in his 11th grade. He wants to become a medical doctor to make a difference and help underprivileged children.


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