Celebrating 5 years with Sishemo!

We love updates from our project partners and this is a very special one. Our friends at Sishemo in Lusaka, Zambia, recently hosted a special activities day to celebrate five years of partnership with MAMA.

It was in March 2009 that MAMA’s founders, Mark Fraser and Paul Singer, visited Sishemo with our Patron, the then Governor-General Quentin Bryce. We were powerfully moved by what we saw. Today, just as was the case five years ago, we are inspired by the incredible stories of the children at Sishemo. The details of our project with Sishemo are available on our projects page.

The partnership has been remarkable and together, we continue to touch lives of thousands of children and adults both directly and indirectly. At Sishemo, we are working towards raising relevant 21st Century leaders and together with partners such as MAMA we believe we change the destiny of our children and make this world a better place to live in.

The recent celebrations included Book Expos, drama, poems and various other entertaining activities. The children tracked our journey with MAMA. They recollected their interactions with Mark Fraser, John Fraser, Paul Singer and Maylin Singer – who have become their friends and mentors. The children wrote letters to MAMA to show gratitude for empowering them with resource that has greatly helped them in their academic studies. – Sishemo, March 2014

To all the teachers, volunteers and most importantly, the students, at Sishemo – you continue to inspire us with your strength, determination and resilience. You are an example to each of us of how we can ‘make our own mark’ to help empower children in need through improved access to education.

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