Preparing to turn soil in Honiara

Things are getting very exciting as we approach the ‘turning of the soil’ for our project in Solomon Islands. MAMA will fund the construction of two brand new classrooms at the Mercy School in Burns Creek, Honiara.

The school offers free education to children from the local area. It was established in 2004 to meet the basic educational needs of the local community to provide schooling for children that were once seen playing, scavenging for food and some, even living, in the nearby rubbish dump. The founder of the school, Beverley Komasi says

“I was shocked to see my own people living in this poverty. ‘Many kids, they were running around aimless without a plan in their life, nothing to do.’’

MAMA has partnered with the Mercy School to build the classrooms and help increase the capacity of the school and improve infrastructure. Each classroom will be able to accommodate 40 students. This extra space will greatly enhance the ability of students to attend classes and meaningfully engage with their teachers. It will reduce noise from the currently over-crowded, existing open-wall classrooms, providing a more positive and reliable environment for children to pursue their academic development.

Honiara firm Pacific Architects have supplied the plans and work is expected to commence shortly.

Mercy 3

Mercy 2

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