MAMA General Manager visits school in Africa’s largest slum

As part of a self-funded study visit to Kenya with other Commonwealth leaders (CSCLeaders), MAMA’s General Manager, Paul Singer, visited Kibera slum in Nairobi to view educational facilities and learning opportunities for local children.

Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa, and one of the biggest in the world, housing approximately 1 million people. Most people live in shacks and have only very basic services. The average size of shack in this area is 4m by 4m and is built with mud walls, a corrugated tin roof with a dirt or concrete floor. These shacks often house up to 8 or more with many sleeping on the floor.

In 2003, an organisation called Little Rock opened in Kibera as an Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Development Centre dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for vulnerable and disabled children in the slum area. Little Rock was founded on the belief that all children, regardless of their social and economical background, are capable of dreaming and achieving great things if properly nurtured. Opening with an initial enrolment of 12 students, the centre has already provided education to over 900 students, many of whom are children with special needs (eg. Cerebral Palsy, hearing impaired, and Down syndrome).

During the visit, Paul met with students and discussed the provision of services and fundraising models with the Director of Little Rock, Lilly Oyare.

“It was inspiring to see that through compassionate leadership and an unwavering commitment, children who are facing enormous challenges in their daily lives have at least got access to a safe and nurturing environment and critically, are supported through their education journey and on a pathway towards economic independence.” Paul Singer, General Manager of MAMA

More information on the work of Little Rock is available at

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