Brilliant academic achievement at Sishemo!

So excited to hear some wonderful news from our dear friends in Zambia!

With the support and love of the Sishemo Foundation, and the financial assistance and resources provided by MAMA, 7th grader Joshua Kapilya has just been ranked with the second highest academic achievement in the whole of Zambia!

This national rank includes students from both public and private institutions, and is a tremendous reflection on the success of the Sishemo and NorthGate program.

Equally as exciting, every Sishemo student passed their national exams – a testament to the students’ hard work and dedication, the school’s encouragement and support, and the educational resources and infrastructure provided by MAMA.

Joshua is enrolled at Sishemo through the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children program. The school, through its active community outreach program, enrolled Joshua at the Lusaka campus in 2010, with Joshua never having had the opportunity to attend early learning and benefit from the opportunities offered at the local nursery school.

Sishemo has provided food, shelter, financial support and employment for Joshua’s mum, keeping her and the family off the street and Joshua at school.

MAMA is thrilled and so very proud to partner with the Sishemo Foundation, and to see the incredible results of the Sishemo and NorthGate program as the children of Lusaka make their own mark!


Joshua Kapilya


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