Celebrating 6 incredible years!

Our friends at the Sishemo Foundation in Zambia recently celebrated the 6th anniversary of the opening of the MAMA Resource Centre.

The library and resource centre have had a huge positive impact on not only the Sishemo sponsored children but to other pupils of NorthGate Academy as well as the teaching staff.

The grades of the pupils have increased substantially and the teachers attest to the fact that teaching has been made easier for them due to the availability of resources they can use for research and teaching aids.

Since its opening, the resource centre has provided access to over 1000 students. We love hearing some of their stories!

Joshua Kapilya (former student)


“The library was very helpful to me during my time at NorthGate Academy. It provided me with all the resources that I needed to pass my final Grade seven examinations, successfully make it to secondary school and come out 2nd highest in the whole country. This is my proudest achievement and it’s all thanks to the library.”

Likezo Mufuzi (Grade 6)

Likezo“Our library is a place of answers and fun for me. It has made learning fun and interactive and made research much more exciting. I love the library and everything it offers to me.”

Justina Mbewe (Grade 4)

Justina“The library is a place that has given me a lot of knowledge and helped me improve my grades. I come here every day to get a new book to read and I love that it has a wide variety of different books.”

Jemimah Kaluba (Grade 7)

Jemimah“The library is my favourite place to be because it has all the books that I need. I am able to read stories and understand how life is in different places I have never been to. Thanks to the library I have been to the moon, rode a camel in Egypt, climbed Mount Everest, seen a kangaroo and camped in the amazon forest. I’ve explored all these places without even leaving the country. It’s opened my mind to all these exciting new places.”

Abel Musonda (Teacher)

Abel“I love the library.  I have spent countless hours in and among the stacks, choosing books for the children, doing research, and just sitting there and reading. A library is one of the greatest places on earth that opens your mind to so many possibilities and I see the minds of the children opening thanks to the library.”

Helen Muyunda (Teacher)

HelenOur library has books that get the children interested in reading books and learning about different things. The library has provided me with the necessary teaching material for the children. It has made my work so much easier.”



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