MAMA Resource Centre, Lusaka

In October 2010, following the success of the first projects at Sishemo, MAMA commenced discussions with Sishemo on the impact of building a new Resource Centre at the school.

Sishemo enthusiastically embraced the concept, knowing that a well-stocked library and educational facility would significantly enhance the learning potential for their students. Plans were prepared by local architects and detailed costings were approved by MAMA in November 2010.

My name is Mundiya and I’m doing Grade Six at Sishemo Education Trust. I live in Misisi Low Income settlement and I enjoy reading a lot in my spare time.

Our class received the news that MAMA had approved the funding for the construction of a Library at our school with great excitement. Personally, I feel this will greatly improve my reading skills as I will now be able to have more times of study in a place that is quiet. I really look forward to a well stocked library that will have most of the essential books that we need.”  Mundiya Nalishebo, December 2010

In January 2011, construction commenced on a new 60 square metre building which would accommodate a library with new books and text books, a media room with 28 computers, and an art room.

I am a Grade Six pupil at Sishemo Education Trust. I would like to become a Computer Engineer. That is why I was so happy when I heard that Mama would help our school acquire new computers. I think that this new development at Sishemo will be of great benefit to the children because they will now be able to actually put their hands on a keyboard and work with a computer and use all the functions available.” Joshua Mumba, January 2011

Construction was completed in early May 2011, with a planned opening on 15 June.

Project cost: A$25,080.55

Completion date: 15 June 2011

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