Update from Kiribati!

We love getting updates from our project partners and we’re thrilled to hear that the MAMA Resource Centre in Kiribati is making a big mark!

We understand that the staff at the Australian High Commission regularly drop-in to the centre and are always pleased to see it being well utilised and managed. A young i-Kiribati woman has volunteered to manage the centre and ensures that it’s open on time each day, and always clean and organised.

It is a delightful room and the children would be happy to sleep there if they could!

The main beneficiaries are the mothers and children as it is clear to them that the Women’s Centre (AMAK) with the assistance of MAMA, has provided a valuable resource and service to them. It is a place of respite for the mothers, where they can speak to other women in a secure environment while their children are more than entertained. The Reading Room offers a high quality educational facility for their children.

The MAMA Resource Centre is the great success story because it is a professional facility; the books are new, the toys new and high quality, the furniture purpose built, the room is solely dedicated to being a reading room, and is open to all. The excitement in the village when we were doing the work on the room, and when your team came for the official opening, was just amazing. The community feel so privileged that the facility is in their village.

The team has sent through an update with some ‘before and after’ photos of the centre.

Kiribati update from AMAK (September 2013)

One response to “Update from Kiribati!

  1. As a mother and a Grandmother, I wish to express my gratitude for having MAMA Resource Centre here at AMAK, Bikenibeu. It is very close and safe for my grandchildren to enjoy reading especially when they know that it is a learning place. One of my grand-daughter at the age of 2years always asked me to take her to the school. She called the library the children school. Even our neighbor son loves to visit AMAK because of the library. A big thanks to MAMA for providing everything for this library. It is useful and important for our children. School is now coming to the first term and again we will be receiving children from the closest primary schools in Bikenibeu. The Library is always full of children and sometimes it becomes noisy like a preschool. Hopefully, AMAK extend a bigger space for children in future.

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