MAMA spreads to the Solomon Islands

The MAMA team is thrilled to announce the details of our ninth project! MAMA is going to partner with the Mercy School in Burns Creek, Honiara, to build two new classroom buildings to accommodate a rapidly growing student population. Located in an underdeveloped settlement with limited access to basic services, the Mercy School provides free education to impoverished children, who otherwise would have no access to schooling.

Today, MAMA’s CEO, Mark Fraser and General Manager, Paul Singer met with a Board Member from the Mercy School, Leigh Pirie, to announce the partnership.

Leigh Southwell (Large)

L to R: Paul Singer, Leigh Pirie and Mark Fraser

The Mercy School was independently created in 2004 to service the needs of the Burns Creek settlement. Children were unable to access education due to the lack of schools and the financial constraints of their families. Over the years, through charitable support and hard work, the school is now an important community hub focussed on providing a quality education to all students within the Burns Creek area, regardless of their financial circumstances. The demand for quality education has been so great, that the school is no longer able to appropriately accommodate the students in the existing infrastructure.

Makeshift classrooms have been built to accommodate the rapidly growing student population.

Makeshift classrooms have been used to accommodate the rapidly growing student population.

MAMA will work with the school to build two new classroom buildings. The buildings will be designed by local architects and all materials and labour will be sourced locally to assist with generating income and employment opportunities in the Burns Creek settlement. Each classroom will accommodate 40 students and enhance the ability of students to attend classes and engage meaningfully with their teachers. It will reduce noise from the currently over-crowded existing classrooms, providing a more positive and reliable environment for children to pursue their academic development.

More details can be found on our project page.

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