MAMA classrooms open in Honiara!

We are so excited to hear from our project partners in Honiara that the new MAMA classrooms at Mercy School are ready for the start of the school year!

The partnership with the Mercy School in Burns Creek is MAMA’s 9th project and has resulted in the building of two new classrooms to accommodate a rapidly growing student population. Located in an underdeveloped settlement with limited access to basic services, the school provides free education to impoverished children, who otherwise would have no access to schooling.

To see the faces of the students as they entered the classrooms was uplifting. They were able to immediately connect with their new learning environment and approach their studies in a fundamentally different way – with security, comfort and confidence.

We look forward to further updates from the students as they plan for an official opening of the MAMA classrooms in mid-March.



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