MAMA announces new Women’s Resource Centre in Timor-Leste

MAMA is thrilled to announce that in partnership with the Alola Foundation, a new Women’s Resource Centre will be built in Mascarenhas, Dili.

The centre will assist Alola in their mission to:

Promote women’s rights and increase women’s leadership capacity, improve the health status of women and children, increase access and quality of education for women and children, and strengthen women’s small enterprise at the grassroots level.

MAMA recognises that women’s active participation in the community leads to a prosperous, healthy and robust local economy. Through improved access to education and women’s resources, girls and women will be provided capacity building in a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

MAMA values its association with the Alola Foundation, and is delighted to support their work in improving the lives of women and children in Timor-Leste.


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