Powerful stories of 10 years with Sishemo

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the partnership between Make A Mark Australia and the Sishemo Foundation in Lusaka, Zambia, some of the current and former students have discussed the impact of MAMA’s contribution on their learning. They’re powerful stories of how young children are optimising their potential.

In Sishemo’s video, the Executive Director, Joseph Yowela, talks about how the significant partnership has played an important role in fostering a culture of learning and pride at the school.

Current students Joseph Phiri, Doris Chisembe, Betty Lungu and Catherine Zyambo talk about how the MAMA Resource Centre assists in improving reading and writing skills.

The Library Coordinator, Catherine Lukoma, shares how the students have developed the capacity to read on their own, which has significantly enhanced their grammar, writing and conversation skills.

Former student, Jesse Nyambe, speaks passionately about how access to books at the MAMA Resource Centre has opened his mind to great things and exposed him to other cultures, different beliefs, and has created a love of learning that has prepared him for university studies.

Another former student Jean Kapilya recalls how she visited the MAMA Resource Centre everyday to learn to read, which ultimately helped her to confidently relate to people.

Lumbanji Nachilongo, who recently completed secondary school, talks about how the MAMA Resource Centre embedded a deep desire and love of reading. She credits the access to the MAMA Resource Centre in primary school as one of the reasons that she and so many of her classmates were successful in achieving very strong results – because they were supported to read from a very young age. She encourages the current students to develop their own love of learning by accessing books and making the most of the resources available at the centre.

Lumbanji promises to make MAMA proud because of the foundation we provided through the MAMA Resource Centre. Well Lumbanji, and all of the students striving to be the best version of themselves, you have already made us so proud as you go about making your own mark.

Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on how the MAMA Resource Centre has played a part in your life.

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