How MAMA makes a mark

It was on 21 March 2009 – ten years ago – that we were first introduced to the inspiring children at Sishemo. We sat in an overcrowded hall, listening to their songs and were moved by their energy, optimism and hope. Most of the children were orphans and living in child-run households. Many of them walked tens of kilometres each day to simply attend school – such was their thirst for learning and desire for a better life. Their teachers offered a glimpse to a different world through the window of education. A world of hope, opportunity, and where every child has the potential to be the very best version of themselves.

Through their song and their spirit, we saw firsthand the power of education to break the cycle of poverty in one generation. Sitting with and listening to the kids at Sishemo on this humid, wet and raining day in Lusaka was the genesis for MAMA. We were so moved by their stories and aspirations for the future that we felt compelled to act – to make our mark. 


Since that day – where he had the realisation that everyone has the power to make a difference – we have completed 12 projects in seven countries and have helped to empower over 50,000 kids through improved access to education.



Our grassroots model ensures that 100% of donations go directly to projects to assist kids in need through innovative and efficient use of resources to optimise learning outcomes. We work collaboratively with communities to tailor projects to best meet their specific needs – benefitting not only the children, but also generating local economic opportunities and empowerment.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in our first ten years, but have plans to do so much more. If you would like to make your mark, join our #MAMA10for10 program where for just $10 a fortnight you can help uplift and change the lives of 10 kids. 


Go on, make you mark!

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