Tholana MAMA kindergarten takes shape!

It’s been a busy and exciting start to the school year in Tholana!

The community in the remote village in Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands has been working hard to complete the classrooms and toilet block before the school year.

Notwithstanding the challenges imposed by COVID and the delays in supply chains only further compounded by the remoteness of the village, the community has done an outstanding job to build these critical facilities. 

We have heard from our dear friend in the Solomon Islands, Walter Diamana (former Deputy High Commissioner for the Solomon Islands in Australia) that the project is the envy of the community and region. He said “early childhood teachers from three nearby villages recently visited the new MAMA kindergarten building – they were amazed and envious of the modern structure, stationery and facilities of the new building”. He passed on the comments from the community, who said:

This project has brought life to our rural community – a model that really paves the way for further developments in the area!

It’s a great privilege for MAMA to partner with such a passionate community to fund and build these important facilities for the benefit of generations of children.

The MAMA kindergarten classrooms.
Toys and educational resources funded by MAMA.
The new toilet block taking shape ahead of the school year starting.

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