Update from the MAMA Library Panjshir, Afghanistan

It’s always very special to hear how things are going from our MAMA partners and how our projects are helping to empower children in need right around the world.

We recently received this update from Mehdi at Mahboba’s Promise. MAMA has worked with Mehdi to fund the development of a new MAMA Library in Panjshir, Afghanistan.

The construction of the library finished on 22 September 2020. Since then with the help of all the people and youth from the region, we cleaned up the school and prepared for the opening of library. We installed carpets and arranged the bookshelves and began to place all the books in their respective sections.

At each stage of construction we could see the children line up against the entrance door of the library, press their faces against the glass and peek inside. This was a heart-warming sight for us as we witnessed firsthand their enthusiasm for the library.

So at the opening on 13 October when the students arrived in the library, we saw in their joyous faces and the fruits of our difficult labour for the past year and a half. They swarmed the books and we could hardly contain and control them. Then we gathered them all and I spoke to them. I congratulated them on their brand new library and I tried to emphasise several points:

1. That they were the true owners of this library

2. That they have an obligation to take care of it and its books and other equipment, and

3. That just as their family members all helped with the construction and preparation of the library, the children should also act in good faith for the betterment of their community.

Indeed, in this report I must state that without the cooperation of especially a few dedicated youth from the region, this project would have never been possible. They were always present on the site, making sure the construction workers were not straying from the construction plan, always helping me with acquiring material, equipment and resources for the library.

This was a true team effort.

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