#MAMA10for10 – celebrating 10 years!

This month marks the tenth anniversary of MAMA. Ten years since we first looked into the eyes of the kids at Sishemo in Lusaka and saw a world of hope and optimism. A world where we all have the potential, and responsibility, to make our mark. 

Since our launch in 2009, we have completed 12 projects in 7 different countries. We have directly helped to empower and uplift over 50,000 children. We’ve seen firsthand the potential to break the cycle of poverty in one generation. And 10 years on, we’re more committed than ever to continue our work in empowering children in need through improved access to education. There is still so much to be done.

In recognition of our 10th anniversary, we’re launching the #MAMA10for10 program. For just $10 a fortnight – the cost of two cups of coffee – you can change the lives of ten children in need. Through initiatives such as workplace giving, a regular fortnightly contribution of $10 will significantly enhance the educational and developmental opportunities for ten special kids. Remember, 100% of donations to MAMA go directly to the projects.

If you’ve often thought that you would like to lend a hand but have not known how, this is an opportunity to directly benefit ten children – for only $10 a fortnight. Your contribution will fund books and literacy materials, educational resources, nutritious food programs, classroom resources, art supplies, school infrastructure, mobile learning programs and learning resources. It’s an incredible return on investment that will have an enduring impact on some children’s lives.

Every child deserves an education. Every child should have the right to equal opportunities and the chance to be the very best version of themselves. That’s where you can make your mark – by empowering children in need through improved access to education.

So, here’s an opportunity to make your mark – sign up for a regular small donation. Let your friends and family know that you’re part of the #MAMA10for10 movement on social media and encourage them to make their mark. Together, we can change the world – one child at a time.

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