Update from Tholana, Solomon Islands

We love receiving updates from our project partners – they’re all so inspiring as MAMA continues to empower children in need around the world.

This update from our project in Tholana, a remote village in Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands, is particularly special. We were delighted to meet with Mr Walter Diamana, the Deputy High Commissioner for the Solomon Islands and hear from him how the new MAMA kindergarten was built, and the impact it has had on the community.

MAMA purchased all of the building supplies for the new kindergarten from Honiara and then arranged for them to be sent by barge to Isabel Province, an island north of Honiara. The community members met the barge on arrival, but because there are no port facilities, they had to wade out about 200m across the sand flats to the reef to offload the building materials from the barge and carry them by hand back to shore.

As if that wasn’t enough, the community then had to carry the supplies from the shoreline up the mountain to their remote community of Tholana. It was an incredible achievement that relied on the determination and incredible strength of the community members. Their effort reflected their keen desire to support the project in whatever way they could.

The builders within the community then got to work and notwithstanding the challenges of COVID-19, the new kindergarten project was completed within five months. Quite a remarkable achievement!

Here more from Walter Diamana on what the new kindergarten means for the Tholana community.

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